Monday, August 30, 2010

We moved into the bedroom over a month ago...

...and then we decided summer is too nice to spend indoors painting and hanging curtains and pictures so we've been total slackers.  This weekend is supposed to not be particularly nice out (rain, cold) and the gym is closed (but I have a key) so my guess is we will get down to work and finish a room or two.  I'd like to get the study and powder room painted as well as some curtains up in the bedroom.  I'm sure our neighbours would appreciate it. 

To help motivate myself, I've been reviewing some house porn on the internets.

First up, soft white walls, diffused light and natural textures. I want to curl up on the bench with a strong cup of coffee and rub my bare feet on the soft rug.

I really like how this half storey was carved up.  Hmm, thinking.  

If this doesn't get me excited about getting our powder room completed, nothing will.  Hmm, I need to get myself some frames.  I haven't picked up any so far and it's going to take awhile to start putting together a collection of vintage ones...

(Domino via Automatism)

Tea and a good book while wrapped in a gray flannel blanket.  How can you tell the weather has turned and it's cold out?

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  1. Okay, this is Somewhat Damaged from Soul Cysters... you need to update this thing with some pics! =D