Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend!  We spent a good chunk of it cleaning out quite a bit of the second storey to get it ready for demolition and setting up the main floor as an apartment.  It actually looks attractive and comfortable.  We also got the drapery my mom lengthened for us hung up in the dining room/bedroom area..  One of the things I've learned from living through a few renos is that you can't put a price on order and comfort when you're up to your ears in drywall compound. 

Here are a few photos.





Smudge doesn't seem to mind it at any rate.  Oh, and on a positive note, setting up the bed in the middle of what should be the dining room helped to settle the question of whether or not we should drop a chandelier into the middle on the canopy bed.  While it's a pretty idea, our bed is just way too high.  We don't have a lot of clearance at all at present so we've adjusted the bed to put the fixture closer to our feet so we don't sit up into the thing in the middle of the night.

Also, I am in love with our new bed.  I feel so cocooned and snugly in it. 

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