Sunday, November 18, 2012

A few photos of the loft...

The loft has felt like home since the day I moved in.  The entire loft has fantastic light thanks to four massive windows. At first I wondered if I might be tempted to paint the brick out but after living with it, there is no chance of that.  I love the patina it's developed over the years.  The floors are the original fir and are in great shape.  Again, you can tell they're original.  There's dings and gouges from having been used as a warehouse but they are warm and interesting.

If you are vaguely OCD and disinterested in measuring, might I suggest a gallery wall to keep you occupied for hours ever so slightly straightening picture frames. This was my first attempt.

Everything is just slightly crooked. 

The bedroom is a bit dire as there is no closet.  It's coming Monday.  This week shall be spent swearing and deriding my own lack of handiness.

Bolstered by the moderate success of the first gallery wall, I attempted a second, larger one. It turned out somewhat better, likely because there's more space between the pieces.  I desperately need shelving for my books.  I'm thinking about ordering something from Yube Cube.

Smudge, post lily consumption and requisite 36 hours at the veterinary clinic to ensure his kidneys weren't going to fail.  He's fine.  His opinion of not one but two car rides, medication to force vomiting, IV and being served food that isn't his favourite?  Bull shit!

Everything is so perfectly symmetrical. It's lovely. Against the piller between the two windows that define the living and dining areas, I stuffed my desk. The art is waiting on Jay to come and drill holes into my brick. I don't trust my own mad skillz to do it myself. Also, I don't think I have a masonry bit.

This place is perfect as it is. My serial renovator days are over.   Do you know how nice it is to walk in and have your home tell you to sit and relax and enjoy verses presenting with a lengthy and expensive laundry list of work to be done?  Aside from getting some light fixtures up and throwing a couple of long and low bookshelves under the windows in the living and dining room, there's absolutely nothing to do. And I love it that way.

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  1. Seriously, your loft is GORGEOUS!!! The house I am in now is the first one I have lived in without exposed brick, and i miss it terribly.