Monday, November 26, 2012

Let there be closet. Oh, and light(s).

Glorious, glorious storage. 

This is the Stolmen series from Ikea.  I didn't like any of the predesigned configurations so I put together something that I thought would work well.  It ALMOST did.  See the tower on the right?  Yeah, that's supposed to be above the shirts but the wall brackets were installed too low to fit it.  And then I had to put the connectors for the shelves on an angle as the brackets mount the poles to close to the wall to allow for the shelves and drawers to fit the way they're supposed to.  Despite this, I'm fairly pleased with the Stolmen series.  It's sturdy, easy to customize and, while frustrating as hell to put together, once the posts are installed where they need to be, it's not exceedingly difficult to figure out the rest.  And, yes, I had help installing the posts and drawers.  The rest I did on my own.

I also hired The Fixer (Jay!) to install the chandeliers and drill into the brick to install the drapery hardware.  First world problem... my Restoration Hardware rod is two inches too short for the window on the wall behind the bed.  I ordered a longer one.  The rod just barely worked for the window behind the sofa.
The chandeliers actually work fairly well in the space.  Definitely adds some feminine elements to what is a masculine space with the exposed post and beam and brick.

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