Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Design Crushes

I've had design crushes on a variety of folks over the year.  I think Tommy Smythe is amazeballs.  Like me, he hates boob lights and he loves going over budget.  And he's the designer of my favourite kitchen of all time ever.  I'd link to his webpage but he doesn't have one.  Only a twitter account...

 I also flirted, like all Canadians did, with Sarah Richardson.  But, thinking back on it, the rooms she designed that I loved most?  Tommy was in on them.  Behold, my most favouritist bathroom of all time ever. 

And who was the principal designer?  I'll give you a hint...

But my first and true design crush is on Suzanne Dimma.  More specifically, her first living room.  I remember when I first saw it.  It was maybe eight or nine years ago.  I snipped it out of my copy of House and Home and filed it away in a book.    Now that she has become the editor of the magazine, all of the photos of her various residences past and present have been compiled into one gallery.  I still absolutely love this space and I think it looks as livable, inviting and fresh as it did so many years ago.

She's since posted a photo of her living room from her next house. Absolutely gorgeous!

(suzanne dimma's living room on house and home)

From the rest of the photos posted, I agree with her assessment that the front entryway did not flow with the rest of the home.  But how absolutely freaking gorgeous is it?  LOVE!  As you can see, she's continued to hang pictures from iron rods.  Kind of still love that idea.

Her show, Style Dept was also a favourite.  Pretty much every room they staged caused me to swoon.  In particular, there was this one amazing bedroom featured in the episode "Flea Market Style."  Unfortunately, I can't find any photos.  Boo!

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