Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Study is Less Barren... Still Not Painted

Yesterday, we did a top to bottom scrub of the house, rearranged the furniture in the study and then picked up a few plants to keep the place from looking completely barren.  I also did an inventory of all of the artwork I have waiting for frames to do the gallery walls... 58 pieces of various sizes.  I'm off to HomeSense today to find some nice looking pots for our two trial plants (please kitties don't eat them or use them as a second bathroom like you did their predecessors) and to start the process of collecting picture frames.

As well, I'm starting the hunt for some type of window treatment.  I'm thinking floor to ceiling drapes in blue or some shade in between.  Or maybe yellow?  Not sure if I want pattern...

Here's what it all used to look like when we first after we ripped up the carpet and realized why the original floor had been covered in the first place (oh, and I had been sampling different whites...)

Here it is now, waiting for curtains and artwork...

Here's the stairwell, needing more paint.

I'm still contemplating painting the desk out black and getting an upholstered slipper chair to go with it instead of our very fun mid-century find that we're using right now.

Today Kurt's finally installing the blinds in both bathrooms.  No more towels as makeshift window coverings!  It's only been a year...  As I said, for a long time we were all reno'd out.

Edited to add:  Yay!  Found an 11x14 so Snow White and the Usual Suspects is now over the sofa.  This sofa is new.  It does not appear so.  As you can see, the cats think it's theirs.

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