Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A bit of a lull

We are into a bit of a lull.  Our carpenter is enjoying his vacation (we hope) across the pond in England.  And our electrician is taking care of some family stuff right now.  So, we are on hold until the pot lights can be moved and wall and ceiling repair is completed and the arch goes in.  With that said, we are chipping away at small projects.  Of course, by "we" I mean Kurt.  I went to Saskatoon this weekend for a gymnastics seminar with Jeff Tucker.  He was home making the half storey stairwell look all purdy.  Check it out!

Here's it's woebegone "before" shot.  Those are some ugly ass stairs.  Also, how cute are my kitties!  They are just teeny there!

And here's what they looked like at the beginning of the reno.  Fug.  Fug.  Fug.

And here we are now.  Almost done!  We need to caulk, nail fill and paint the trim, install a handrail and get another coat of paint on the walls.  But what a difference already!  So pretty!

Here is a close up of the stair risers.  Pretty!  Pretty!  Pretty!

Other stuff we need to sort out includes different sconces that don't look like horns above the mirror in the powder room.  Sarah wanted to see a photo and here it is!

And here is our next little project.  We need additional seating in our living room.  Found this solid mahogany coffee table on Craigslist for $20.  It's going to have it's top upholstered and then will find itself becoming a lovely bench that will sit between our living and dining rooms.  I loves it!

I'm also questioning some of my lighting choices.  I love the lights themselves but I'm not liking one of them in the room. I think I'm going to move the chandelier from the dressing room down into the dining room and then find a new chandelier for that room.  The small chandelier that I've been holding for the half storey will replace the light we've got in our entry.  This will be all in good time, however.

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