Monday, April 19, 2010

One more week...

We have about a week left to go.  So excited!

We now have mirrors up and sconces installed.  The left one needs to come in half an inch.  The busted up washstand basin even looks okay (not okay enough not to get replaced).

The sparkly chandelier is now dangling over my tub.

We hung up the mirror in the small bath.  Not included in the photo are the sconces, which are mounted too high, and just need to be switched out because they look like crazy horns on the mirror.

Some of Jeff's awesomely awesome handiwork.  I LOVE the doors.  Still to come is another coat of paint (they got some wood fill and sanding action this weekend), crystal knobs and some magnetic clasps to help them lay flush.  Don't mind the cockeyed chandelier.  It needs to move over about two inches and be put together properly. 

 Here's our bedroom with our swing arm lamps all installed.  Yay!  And in the box to the left?  A pillar!  The second one is hopefully coming this week.  Jeff's next project is the arch.  He said he'll put it all together this week and insert the other pillar when it arrives.  I can't wait to see what it will look like.  Jeff's work is beyond good.

A nice shot of Jeff's handiwork on the closet.

Aside from sanding the closets and hanging mirrors, Kurt also played around to see how my wallpapered stairwell beautification plan would work.  Quite well, I'd say.  We'll have to finish our way up the stairs and then there is the trim detail to go on.  Mom has also requested a handrail before she arrives mid-May.  I think this stairwell is going to look nine kinds of fabulous when we're done with it.  There was no need to rip it out and replace it with another.

On the floor are the start of our fillets to go between the spindles on the floor.  That'll be a big, finicky job!  The chandelier is up as well.  It needs to come down a wee bit, I think.  Maybe centered in the middle of the top pane of the window?  It's these kind of details that I suck at.  I'm going to have to go look at my collection of photos to see what peeps do for random chandelier height.

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