Monday, April 5, 2010

Painted White

While I vacuumed up construction dust and made the rest of our house habitable again, Kurt caulked, nail filled and painted the bathroom.  The window seat and shelves are so pretty.  They are pretty much complete save for some decorative millwork on the front of the window seat that will mirror our wainscoting and closet doors.

It's not the right time of day to get a good shot of the entire piece without the picture going dark.  I can't wait to see it styled!  See?

 Over the tub, we're hanging a black and crystal chandelier and I'm going to use the ledge to display art. 

 In other news, our basement bathroom shower has sprung a big ole leak so we're now relegated to using the tub to get ready in the morning.  Horrible, yes?  I also can't wait until the diverter is installed and everything is sealed in the main shower.  Right now, it just whispers promises of awesomeness to me. 

Well, we won't be able to enjoy it for long as it sounds like tomorrow they're going to be staining the floors.  They didn't get to it last week as originally planned and Jeff is taking a bit of an extended Easter weekend.  After looking at his millwork, he's more than earned it!  Remember what we gave him to work with?

That's where the tub is now.  Here's another view of the room, where the the window seat and shelves are now located.

And here's the space from the bathroom that we co-opted to make room for the shower.

When Forsyth posted pictures of his bathroom on Facebook asking if anyone had ever seen an uglier bathroom I just laughed.  You have no idea, buddy!   I can't believe we lived like this for five years...  On the positive side, we will totally have the most astounding before and after photos.

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