Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday House Update

So, I'm guessing we have maybe another week left, maybe two, and then they'll be on to the basement for the remedial plumbing and electrical and we'll be doing final paint touch up!  Sweet!  Norm had Jeff working offsite for a lot of this week on the closet doors.  This was interspersed with floor stain and urethane application.  The floor is done.

In other news, our shower in the basement sprung a leak.  Not only did Norm fix it.  He also laundered our towels we used to dry off the floor just because he knew we didn't have access to our washer and dryer.  Stubbs Construction is fantastic.

 Here are some shots of the hardwood floor.

(The landing and study)

(The landing and study again)

(The bedroom)

(Another view of the bedroom)

(The bedroom and dressing room)

(The bedroom and dressing room again... they did a fantastic job replicating the original millwork.)

(The dressing room)

And that's where we sit right now.  It feels a bit surreal at this point that we're so close to completion. 

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