Friday, April 2, 2010

A return to Restoration Hardware

As I mentioned in the last post, our washstands were installed and one looks great and the other, well, not so much.  It's noticeably off from both the side and the front.  Like, to the point where I went "oh, yay, they installed the washstands... um, wait a minute" upon first seeing them.  Turns out when we broke out the level that the basin is bowed and so that is why it doesn't look right, especially as it is directly beside a perfect specimen of itself.

To facilitate a return, RH has you submit photos for review.  Unfortunately, they have a 4 meg limit so we had to send them nine million emails to include all of our photos.  Here they all are in one handy, dandy spot.

First up, the non-defective washstand.  See how the level sits flush against the basin?

And here is the defective stand.  The level shows how bowed the basin is.  Sadness...

And here is the other side.  That's no small amount of daylight you can see between the level and the basin.

And here is the good basin resting nice and flush against the wall just like it should.

Look at home much of a gap there is with this one...

And it's not an issue with the wall itself:

All of the wowing and bowing results in the basin being unable to sit level in the stand.  Look at how level the good washbasin is?  That's some level-y goodness right there!  The bead is dead center.

And the defective washstand?  Yeah, not so much...

And here is a photo of the least of the problems with this silly basin... a divot.  I could live with the divot.  I'm not so fond of the drunken sailoresque listing towards the wall business and it will bug me every time I look at it.  *sigh*

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