Monday, February 22, 2010

Progress on our projects and some random photos of other stuff.

Kurt's currently laying in bed, felled by sanding off 100 years of varnish and paint from our interior doors while not wearing a mask.  That and eating way too much junk food on the weekend.  The good news is he'll have time this afternoon to put a second coat of paint on the doors!

Here's where we're at with the stairwell.  We finally found a wallpaper we could both agree on at Yarnton decorating.  Also, how have I lived in Regina for 15 years and never heard of or been to Yarnton decorating?  That store is super fun!

It's a bit more traditional and muted than I was assuming we'd go for.  It's nice and light so the stairs will be fresh and airy.  It's also scrubbable so it should hold up well especially considering this stairwell isn't a high traffic area.  The pattern is small so we'll have minimal waste.  We should have lots of paper left over so I'm eyeballing a feature wall behind the headboard in the half storey as a good spot to use up the rest of it.

We've also finished sanding the last coat of wood fill on the stairs and Kurt got it all primed out.  Next up is painting it out!  Hey, how handy is it that Kurt's taking a sick day.  Maybe he'll feel like painting?

Our doors are also coming along nicely.  I love the paint colour.  It reads black but when you take the time to look at it, you realize that it's actually a muted, dark indigo (it's Benjamin Moore Toucan Black... Anna over at Door Sixteen recommended it and, sure enough, she was not wrong about it's awesomeness).  So pretty and it will look fantastic with our silver and crystal knobs!  This is just one coat of paint so the coverage isn't uniform as of yet. 

Oh, yeah, I forgot I took a photo of this!  Here's my floor plan for the second storey.  We went with very few changes to the floor plan and left the toilet in it's original location with the rest of the plumbing lined up with the stack along the west wall to keep costs reasonable.  Originally, we had hired a designer to do up plans for this floor but they were all way out of our budget and dependent on building a different stairwell to the half storey.  I think the only thing that has stayed the same is the archway connecting the two old bedrooms.

I was kicking around photobucket trying to find photos of my lovely ex entrance way and stumbled across the original second storey plan that cost too much that we scrapped after our original basement "contractor" stole our money after knocking holes into our house...

Oh, Bain Ultra Balneo Naos tub with thermomasseur jets... you were but a dream.  A "price comparable to a used economy car with low mileage" dream.  *sigh*

Ah, yes, and here is the light fixture we found at Maison in Nelson.  We're hanging it in the dressing room.  It looks much nicer when it's not flopped onto a few CD storage boxes.

And finally, since I'm now just posting random photos, may I present The Sneak.  She is currently on a diet and is a bit stressed about it so has been grooming herself a little too often.

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