Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our next project!

Well, the doors are complete and they look faaaaabulous.  Very excited with how they've turned out.  Of course, now they're piled in a corner, covered in sawdust waiting for when they can be installed.  I know she doesn't read my blog or anything but I just have to say thanks to Door Sixteen's Anna for the blogging about the loveliness that is BM Toucan Black.  Look at how delicious it is, even covered in dust. It's my new favourite paint colour.  I loves it I does! 

The other project, the stairwell, is on Kurt's hit list for today while I am making a big pile of paleo cabbage rolls.  It's getting it's very first coat of white paint.  We're using a Sico product that apparently can stand up to foot traffic and is not slippery.  I also talked with Norm about getting a change order done up to install a small light in the half storey that can be trained on that stairwell to give it a bit more illumination. 

And, last but not least, I've managed to come up with a third project for us to tackle over the next few weeks.  I'm going to go on the hunt for a second hand dresser that can be painted out and decked in pretty knobs to sit under the chandelier in the dressing room.  Yayness!

Here's what I'm thinking of:


Things are coming along since I last posted photos.  We're about three weeks away from completion so we're quite a bit over the original finish date of February 22nd.  We're relatively snug and comfortable in our pretend bachelor pad on the main floor so I'm not exactly unhappy that we're taking longer than originally estimated.  What's been done this week includes the base for my closet and drain pan for the washer has been installed, Kurt's closet minus the mill work is in, our shelves and window seat are up WITH decorative millwork almost completed (we're doing a hinged top on the window seat to give us some closed storage with shaker style moulding on the front that mirrors our original wainscoting) and we have about half of our shower tiles in.  I love coming home from work each evening to see a little bit more done every day.  The bath is turning out exactly as I had envisioned it!

Our shelves and window seat in the bath!

Smudge checking out the window seat.  He's a perv who likes watching us in the shower so I'm expecting this will be his new favourite perch.

Our future shower. 

The start of my closets in the dressing room.

The start of Kurt's closets in the bedroom

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