Thursday, February 18, 2010

Searching for wallpaper

Here are more options.  This first one I am lusting all over.  It's perfect.  Of course, it's bloody expensive and takes six to eight weeks to ship within the continental US.  I live in Canada.  They may or may not ship to me.

(Flavor Paper's Terminal paper in Grasshopper available through 2modern)

This next one is available through an online UK store.  I personally think it's lovely, as well, AND it's less expensive than the first option.  Of course, I like it just a little bit less.  But I still like it!  A lot!
(Du Barry Ogee Trellis Wallpaper through Fabrics and Papers
Kurt will likely very much dislike the next option but I thought it was kind of fun.  Also, what other time will I ever have the option of putting lime green and aqua paisley wallpaper anywhere in my home?

(Rajapur Wallpaper through Fabrics and Papers)

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