Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stupid trends that ruin otherwise perfectly lovely house porn

Just recently, it seems like every time I flip through one of my decor mags or wander around the internet to drool over some quality house porn, my eyes are assaulted by two completely hideous trends.  These trends are ruining otherwise perfectly lovely house porn.  Yes Darryl Carter, I'm looking at you!  Your rooms are otherwise perfect and, therefore, some of the worst offenders!

1.  Cows on the floor.  Have these people never spent any time with live cows?  They're possibly the worlds most stupid, yet delicious creatures.  And they smell.  Stupid and smelly.  Neither of which are adjectives I feel the need to promote in my house. 

2.  Walls with random horns.  I don't really find the idea of being gored by my wall particularly restful.  Let's put horns on the wall in our bedroom!

Look at all these absolutely otherwise perfectly lovely rooms.  Ruined by cows and random horns. 

(Big ole horns via Beach Studios via my favourite and my best)

(Dead cowish type thing befouling otherwise gorgeous room by KML Design via Desire to Inspire)

(Darryl Carter's otherwise dreamy bedroom.. does it make you horny?  NO! Elle Decor via My White Shirt

(Cow detracting from statement art piece via Plush Palate)

(Gorgeous room, better put a dead cow on the floor.  Domino via Nest Egg)

(Gorgeous white floor topped with cow care of dos family via door sixteen)

(this makes me the saddest of all as the rest of the room is yum... Sasa Antic via Door Sixteen)

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