Monday, February 22, 2010

Window Seat Brilliance

After we're done with the second storey, we're moving onto a little DIY in the half storey.  Well, actually, it's sorta DIY but we're using the services of The Boy, who will soon be done his construction course at SIAST so good practice for him and it'll be nice having the aid of someone who is actually trained to do this stuff.   Compared to the gut and rebuild of the second storey, it's a few minimal changes with some built ins, the loss of a wall here and the gaining of another wall there and either refinishing the hardwood we found underneath the subfloor or new carpet (it just depends on how banged up it is).  In our half storey, we have two dormer windows... one of which is screaming for something awesome to be done to it.  The other opens up onto the landing of the stairs so it's at it's full potential providing, you know, a place to stand and not fall to your death.

As I was wandering through my blog list, I stumbled across a lovely collection of dormer windows that make my dormer windows look decidely sad.  Nest Egg's Rachel Halvorson also had some GREAT suggestions for what to do with window seats.

Here are two of my favourites!

I want to curl up and have a nap on this one.  Gorgeous!  And I love how they've created great additional storage for blankets, books and fun little chotckies.  I'm a pack rat and, therefore, a sucker for nooks and nitches in which to stuff odds and ends.

(Domino Magazine via Nest Egg)

This second one would work very well in our space.


We just have the pesky issue of electric heaters underneath the windows to figure out.

And, last but not least, my favourite half storey dormer photo of all time ever care of the first issue of Lonny Magazine.

*sigh*  So pretty!  Look at the subtle pattern on the wallpaper!  And the hidden storage!  And the pops of colour!  The only think I'm not so keen on is the diamond pattern on the floor but I think that's only because of the hunter green diamond squares that were painted all over our second floor hardwood.

Okay, we were talking about window seats!  Here is another one that is styled very well.  This is about the size of the window seat we're installing in our bathroom.  Oh, yes, did I mention we're putting in a window seat there?  It is already partially installed!


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