Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back from sectionals to see progress

This last weekend, I was in Edmonton competing in the Central Canada Sectionals for the 2010 CrossFit Games.  It was an amazing weekend!  I'm back now and putting together a game plan to figure out how to take it up a notch and close the distance between me and the women who qualified to go to regionals. 

Wait a second!  Wrong blog!  This one is about the renovation...  Well, I came back to find that a lot of finishing work had been done while I was gone.  The space is really coming together.  What I like best is how it feels up there.  The space has good energy.

(baseboards are on save for the finishing trim at the bottom, which will be added after the floors are finished)

(my future study)

(our partially completed ex-stairwell of death)

(we now have a sink in our powder room)

(our original registers are being reused where possible)

(this one had to be ground down to fit and needs a sanding and coat of paint)

(one was broken and couldn't be fixed so we salvaged the decorative cover and reused it in the bathroom shelves... I quite like the profile of the finishing trim)

(the rest of the arch and closet doors are coming up soon)
(the bath is ready for caulking, nail hole filling and a final coat of paint)

(there is a bit of decorative trim to be added to the window seat but this is otherwise completed)

(our washstand bases are now sitting in the shower waiting to be installed)
 (I can't wait to see them installed along this wall!)

Today, we're also getting the two basement windows installed.  About a year ago, those two big holes were first punched into our house's foundation.  It will be so nice to finally have our home safe and secure again. 

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