Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Update

This week saw the start of the finicky trim work.  We're also hitting our first minor snag, which we'll have to talk to our contractor about.  And, finally, it sounds like we're going to be on hold for a while.  Why?

Because this glorious stuff here needs some time to acclimate itself to our house's humidity levels.

We have picked a narrow plank red oak floor to approximate the original main floor hardwood as best we can with today's materials.  It will be laid unfinished and then stained and whatnot once it's down.  We're going to stick with a similar glossy, dark finish as we chose on our stair treads.  The stain mix has an orange undertone so it should work well with our blue-black doors.

We also have our washer and dryer installed so no more treks to our father-in-law's house for free laundry service.  Greg's been great but I'm sure he'll be glad not to see us for four hours tomorrow.

As you can see, we have the crown up.  Looking spiffy!  It also highlights that nothing is even remotely level in our house thanks to the lack of any kind of piles underneath our teleposts in the basement causing everything to sink in the middle over the last 100 years.  While the issue is now resolved with the newly poured floor, it wasn't possible to jack the middle of the house up much more than we have without cracking floor joists.  So, we've been putting our heads together with Jeff, our millwork guy, to play with how to hang the doors to make things look more level than they are.  The other fix is painting the trim out the same colour as the walls (different texture, though, so there will still be interest).  It's funky with Kurt's closet, too and there are a few windows that also point it out.  Again, though, I'm thinking the paint will make this recede.  It's also just something you get with old houses.

 And going without crown is not an option.  It just finishes a room like nothing else.  See?  Spiffy!

Jeff, the millwork guy, is awesome.  He did great work this week hanging our doors (again, fun times in a house where nothing is remotely level) and then getting the door casings and trim up.

He did a bang up job reproducing the original door trim.  Here is a closer look.

It looks really, really good and I can't wait to get a coat of paint on it.  Unfortunately, this leads me to the thing I need to talk to Norm about.  When the electrician put in the wiring for our light switches, he didn't take into account our door trim.

Yeah...  The trim is so lovely and has such an appeal that stuff like this really stands out.  I'm super cool with things not being level (it's 100 years old!) but notches in my door trim will bug me like crazy.  The interior trim on the other two doors will have similar notches because of light switches so we will definitely need to reduce the size of the light switches and maybe put more lights on the same switch.  Regardless, there is more work for the electrician.

And last but not least, we need to figure out what we want to do at the top of the tiled shower wall to finish it.

Not sure what's up next week.  Kurt's busy at Norm's shop painting out baseboard trim.  I'm hoping we'll get the two bathroom areas finished up.  Not that, you know, our temporary basement bathroom isn't awesome.

I have dreams about this tub!  Right now, it as a 12" shower head in a box and some dead bugs in it.

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