Monday, March 8, 2010

My attempt at colour!

Our construction crew left us a note on Friday.  "Paint your closets this weekend.  We need to install your washer and dryer on Monday."  Yay!  No more laundromats or taking all our laundry over to the father in laws!  I've missed my washer.  It goes good work!

I have had a bit of a time picking a colour to go in the closets.  I don't really do colour so this was unchartered territory.  Originally, I was toying between a strong poppy red or a really deep turquoise.  Kurt wanted something more mellow so I settled on BM paladian blue.


Unfortunately, it looked way nicer on the chip and way too sickly green on the wall in the room.  It didn't photograph too badly.  Trust, in person, it was not pretty.  It almost felt a bit institutional.  Neither "sickly" nor "institutional" are vibes I'm really hoping to play up in the master suite so perhaps we need a different colour.  Or, how about the absence of any colour?

Now, I have a love on for the door colour. Might be kind of ridiculous to paint the interior of a closet black but I do have pot lights going into each bank of closets so I'm guessing we'll have plenty of light to be able to find our clothes...

I'm kind of digging it!  I have to say that this paint doesn't quite photograph true.  In person, it's quite apparent that the paint has a lot of blue and magenta in it as it is almost more of a deep, deep muted indigo than a black.  It is delicious!

And Kurt REALLY digs it!

So he starts in on his closet.  This was the paint colour I originally suggested for his closet interior, by the way.  He had said I was crazy pants.  But I know what's going to appeal to him.

First coat is done!  You know, I am so not good with colour.  I really, really tried here.  I mean, we went so far as to buy the paint and apply it!  I thought perhaps putting it in a space that will only be visible on occasion would be a good foray into living with walls that are not neutral.  Guess not.  The allure of the most lovely of black paints was too strong!

The interior fittings from the closet will be from Ikea.  I'm glad I haven't ordered them yet as we were originally going to go with white drawers and shelves.  Now, I think we'll go for the solid birch ones, give them a bit of a rough up, install some shaker moulding to the front of them as well as a shiny crystal and chrome knobby and paint them black as well.  The cabinet doors and trim will all be in glossy white.  As well, the floors are getting painted with the white floor paint we have leftover from the stairwell project.  The next morning, we came upstairs to view our handiwork to see the bottoms of the closets covered with dusty kitty feet markings.  Considering mine is made to stand in to even reach my clothes, we're going to need something that hides foot traffic a bit better!

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