Monday, March 22, 2010


This week was a bit quieter around the house.  Jeff was off working on a commercial project for a few days but did manage to complete a lot of the millwork and Matt was by to do more wall repair.  We ended up able to paint again this weekend.  We've got two coats now on all the walls and ceiling but the bath. All of the trim has at least one coat and some places even have two.  We still have a lot more to do after this with the closets needing another coat on the interior and we didn't even start on the exterior yet.  There's also the bath, including the built-ins and the entryway and wainscoting running down the stairs.

At first I really wasn't sure about the wall paint.  I had a hard time picking a white to begin with.  Everything was either too cool, too yellow or too dark.  I wanted something creamy, delicious and soft but still fresh.  It had to be white.  So, I went with my fave griege (OC-14) mixed with two parts untinted base paint.  We splurged on Aura and after the first coat I was nervous.  I thought it was too yellow and leaned more to beige than it did a white.  So, pretty much exactly what I was trying to avoid.  D'oh!  And with it such a pricey paint, there was no way I'd have any luck convincing Kurt to go with a different white.  I'm glad I didn'!  With two coats up and the trim painted out, though, I'm exceedingly pleased with it.  It's the colour of milk.

Next up, we're getting the hardwood installed!

 (The study)

(The study from the other direction)

(The powder room)

(The beginnings of an arch from the master into the dressing room)

(No more yellow paint and some lovely new window trim)

(Kurt's closet in the bedroom)

And as for the resolution of the minor issues with the trim, the meeting went very well.  We are reducing the number of switches in the bath, moved over the switch in the landing and doubled up the trim on the interior of the arch so we didn't have to move the plate.  We also had some moulding added to finish the top of the shower.

(All good!)

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  1. Kurt must be loving the milk colour. Y'know. Because he drinks a lot of milk.

    My word verification is "horkes," which is strangely appropriate.