Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perhaps I've been peeing too long next to the cats?

I don't know if it's because I've been sharing a bathroom with my cats in the basement for too long but I am really getting excited about our powder room.

It's a teeny little room but I think it has a lot of possibilities.  Remember, this is what it looked like before:

Egyptian hieroglyph madness with paint test swatches

And here it is as of today needing a second coat of wall paint, moulding, trim paint, a door, toilet, sink, lighting, mirror and artwork.  It does, I have to say, have one heck of a spiffy looking, yet economical, floor that is in keeping with the period of our home.  The addition of grout really makes the floor kind of mellow out and improves the awesomeness of the room.

And here’s my inspiration!

Just think about how much fun it would be to pee in this room!  I know!  Exciting!

First off, we are doing an art wall.  I mean, you need something to look at and enjoy when you're "in the moment" so to speak.  We have some exceedingly fun prints from a variety of most talented artists on Etsy.  We have a lot of very, very pretty prints.  We also have some that just made me laugh.  I think it only fitting the powder room features a collection that might make a person tinkle a little from a good giggle.  “Gornack feel pretty today” will have a fine new home!  She will be joined by the dog who “hearts” various things, a fish doing a Turkish get up and a portrait of a badger.  There may be others that are also pretty just to keep it from getting too weird.

 (from retrowhale's shop on Etsy... check it out!)

We have a ginormous Umbra hub mirror that has spent the last five years leaning up against the wall in my half storey.  And it spend the three years prior to that above a console table in the entry of my first house.  It looked hot there, it did!  Soon, it shall hang out over my Canadian-Tire-gift-certificate-enabled-purchase pedestal sink and flanked by two simple sconces.  I think the mirror will fancy it up a lot.

Here is a photo from Umbra of a similar mirror over a boring black sofa. It's gonna look way better over my sink!

Beside it shall rest our Canadian Tire special toilet that was also purchased via the same gift card given as the pedestal sink.  We've been holding onto these for a while as I do believe it was given to us by our realtor when we bought our house five years ago.  So exciting, I know.  Above said toilet will be ubiquitous chrome hotel-inspired towel holder complete with lovely decorative box to hide things one likes to store beside one’s throne but not advertise too loudly.

And to provide privacy, we're doing a roman blind out of this smart Amy Butler fabric c/o Melody Smartt's Smartt Fabric Etsy fabric shoppe!

We're getting plumbing fixtures installed at this point.  

Wall where the tub is going and our shower

More of the shower!  You can see where the rainshower head is getting affixed!

Supply lines for the washstands.  Not sure why they have little condom thingies on them... 

Also, I'm not sure what it means when these following things show up in our house but I'm guessing it's millwork next.

Three saws!

A big ass work table and some wood.

And MORE wood!  I think those are for my closet!


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