Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bedroom Inspiration

I love the pops of colour on the all white background. The first is definite fave as I like the freshness. The second works because of the pops of black.

I have this exact spread.  It was salvaged from my Grandma's house before she moved into The Bentley.  It will be perfect layered over top of our duvet..

I love rumpled, unmade beds. I also hate making beds. So, I'm thinking this look completely works for me... ha!  Oh, and I am obsessed with four posters.  Obsessed.

I also want a wall of artwork that inspires and entertains.

(Elle Decoration via Desire to Inspire)

I just bought this piece today from the Yumi Yumi Shop.  Her work is beautiful.  Please do go take a browse through her shop!

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