Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black and White with Wood

Kurt is worried that pairing wood floors and furniture with black painted doors and window sashes not to mention black chandeliers and other accents will look silly.  Personally, I really like the look when mixed with pops of soft colour and chalky white walls and millwork.  Black and white just looks too stylized for my taste - I'm a bit too rumpled and messy to really pull it off. And going with just wood everywhere is, well, boring.


(Darryl Carter via Elle Decor via Plush Palate)

(Domino via Pretty Lovely)

(Domino via Pretty Lovely)

I want to sit in one of these chairs and look out the window. While drinking tea, I think, and listening to music by one of the various Sarah's on my ipod.

Update:  Kurt liked it very much!  All I need to do is show photos and "no's" become "yes'" magically!

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