Monday, December 14, 2009

And after all that...

As I noted earlier, this weekend was spend splashing different white paints all over my second storey to see how the paints worked in our light.  Well, after much consideration, none of them worked.  I then took my swatch of tile, hardwood and selection of fabrics and whatnots and placed them up against the stairwell wainscoting, which is two thirds untinted white paint mixed with a 1/3 of my fave warm gray (BM OC-14), and it's perfect.  It was literally staring me in the face the entire time.

I've already warned my husband we'll likely be painting the first storey white as well after we finish the second storey...

More etsy finds...  I love these. They're from Drawings and Paintings by Yellena.  I am very excited to see what these will look like in person!

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