Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've ignored the bedroom...

I've been ignoring the bedroom as I've been wrapped up in the bathroom, which is now finalized, as well as the library, which is not.  The bedroom is actually going to be comprised of two rooms - the actual bedroom and then a dressing room.  The two will be joined by a columned archway.  To achieve this, we're collapsing two small bedrooms together to create one, larger combined space.

I know having a dressing room sounds ridiculous but I really didn't want to have to go back to having our laundry in the basement and, for reasons of laziness, our laundry never seems to make it from the washer and drier back into the closet.  The result is clothes strung from one end of the house to the other - usually with cats left nesting in them.  The solution is a dressing room.

We're doing a nine foot expanse of floor to ceiling cupboards along the east wall.  They'll be large enough to hide our stack-able washer and dryer in.  From there, clothes will get easily transferred into the Ikea-outfitted cabinets on either side.   I'm thinking that a pretty touch of painting the interior of the cabinets a different colour might be kind of fun.  Since the walls will be a fresh, creamy white, I thought a hit of Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue or Palladian Blue would be interesting.

This will leave enough room for a nice bench or ottoman in the center of the room as well as hooks and whatnot for additional storage as well as a proper full length mirror.  It'll also be pretty, which is kind of nice.  There will be an additional five and a half feet of Ikea outfitted cabinets in the bedroom, itself, for additional storage for clothing, as well.  We're really hoping that this will help to clean up the second floor and keep us better organized.  The doors will have trim work that mirrors the woodwork in our wainscoting in the entry and stairwell, so we think that will be a nice nod to the original bones of the house.  We've also asked that they use exposed hinges, as well, and have picked pretty crystal knobs.

Here's what we know we're using for finishings for the room:

Vintage velvet drapes in light silver sage from Restoration Hardware
Estate crystal finials and silver finish rod also from Restoration Hardware
Crystal pulls from Hope Depot (no photo)
Crystal and silver finish door knobs from Anthropologie
Durham four poster bed from Fiorante
Bedding includes soft white bamboo sheets, a waffle weave white duvet cover, copious pillows and fuzzy throw blankets (not pictured)
Gorgeous picture frame molding with chair rail


I am also on the lookout for a few additional pieces. As for the ottoman, I've got one in mind through Willow Design Studio. It is button tufted with crystal buttons. Gorgeous! That one might be a bit of a hard sell. A small, round table would work as well. I also need to pick up a chandelier that will hang over the ottoman/table. I'm also on the hunt for swing arm lights (here's a nice one from Home Depot that would look smashing with black piping on the white shade).

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