Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Dessing Room

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the addition of a dressing room to our second storey plans came out of sheer laziness.  We don't want to have to trek our clothes and towels up and down two flights of stairs to get them from the basement laundry into our closets and cupboards. Every bedroom could use a closet and we have two very small bedrooms with no closets whatsoever right next to each other.  As it's just us in our home, why not fetchingly link them together via an archway and create one big lovely space with enough room for not just any closet, but the bestest closet ever.  One that has enough room for our washer and dryer to be hidden away as well as ample storage for clothes, shoes and accessories - items that are currently left all about our house in a mess, usually featuring a cat or two in them making a nest. Other than a closet and a bed, what more does one really need from a bedroom?

I will take some horrid before photos of what will soon become the dressing room, which is currently not-so-affectionately named "The Bug Room" thanks to a leaky window that allows in oodles of maple bugs every fall.  Even more so, I am looking forward to posting some, hopefully, productive working photos and, even more hopefully, lovely end photos.

Until then, here's a few lovely dressing rooms for inspiration.

(Anna Sui's Dressing Room via Elle Decor)

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