Monday, December 21, 2009

That dreaded word...

That dreaded word... comprimise.  Kurt didn't like the look of the Decor-Rest button tufted settee. He wants something cozier.  We've reached a middle ground with a few finds from The Bay.  The first is from Bretwood Classics and is available in a small love seat and the colour purple.  I wanted some colour.

See what colour can do?

The second is a button tufted sofa that is, apparently, also available at Macy's down in the states.  Unfortunately, it is NOT available in purple.  But, I do love the velvety texture and I could cover it in bright coloured throws and pillows to MAKE it exciting.  And then mount a big piece of art right on top of it. I also found a table from Ikea with the correct dimensions and attractive lines. We could also go with the Docksta table from Ikea as a placeholder until I can splurge on a small Saarinen table.




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