Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moulding Options and an Update

Things are coming along.  Right before we toddled off to mom and dad's for Christmas, we signed the contract with the construction company.  They are starting on the 11th!  Our bed arrived the day we left and, from what we can see of it, it is gorgeous.  We also took the incorrect floor tile we received back to Parkland and Jamie ordered us the right stuff.

While here in Nelson, I stumbled across an absolutely gorgeous light fixture at Maison.  I love this store and could do a lot of damage to our credit card balance in it.  I am proud that, while I did pick up two of the lights, I did leave behind the black silhouette coo-coo clock, series of floral oil paintings, soft pale blue throw and a black wrought iron birdhouse.   On second thought, perhaps that coo-coo clock will be coming home with us.  Back to the chandeliers...  I'll be placing one in the dressing room and the other in the landing.  Our existing chandelier will go into the bathroom over the tub.  Now, all I need to pick up is the swing arm lamps for the bedroom, one additional bath sconce and all of our pot lights. And as for the swing arm lamps, I've decided to go for the ones from Home Depot but then will spray them out a matte black and will replace the shades with some beautiful ones from Etsy.

Onto the photos!  I'm collecting shots of different styles of moulding to help us figure out what we'd like to do in our bedroom, dressing room and bath.  To save money, we're doing the wainscotting and picture frame moulding as well as bookshelves and desk in the library but are having our carpenter do the archway, closet doors, built-in storage in the bathroom, door and window trim, baseboards and crown moulding. 

I stumbled across Plush Palate the other day and can't get enough of her blog.  And I now really want a set of 2009 Sucked Ass Christmas cards.   Except 2009 was a reasonable year for us.  Aside from our house nearly being destroyed by the worst contractor of all time who, as an extra kick in the back when we were already down, then took off with a good chunk of what we had saved up for our whole home renovation, we've actually enjoyed 2009.  We had lots of fun together, took a fabulous trip to Cat Island, made many good friends and learned a lot.  I mean, in comparison to that, what's a bit of contractor larceny mixed with a concrete truck running into the side of our house or our front porch caving in after being smashed by a bobcat.

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