Friday, December 18, 2009

I wonder what's under the carpet on the stairs and other ideas

I wonder what's under the carpet on the stairs leading to the half storey...  I wouldn't do this to my main set of stairs but I think painting out the steps and wallpapering the risers might be a neat idea leading up to the (future) lounge and guest room.  Well, at least until we can replace the stairwell of death with something safer...

Also, I must remind myself when we start painting that the interior of our closets will be a colour other than white.  Kurt may not like this.  Seriously, it'll look good.  I promise!

Also, we will be painting our window sashes black.  Kurt may also not like this.  But, since we're planning on replacing our windows anyways, I likely will be able to convince him.  A paint choice could be Benjamin Moore Toucan Black (apparently, it has a good, navy-purple-y undertone.

Speaking of things being painted out black, what about doors?  This entire collection of gorgeous black and white interiors features any number of doors painted out a lovely black...

And below, here are some photos of what we have in store for our stairs.  These photos are via Door Sixteen.

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